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  • LUŽID 77mm ND1000

    “Great glass, great price.

    I've used several different brands of ND's over the years and am very happy with the Luzid.
    Selling features for me are:
    Deep grooved exterior for grip, makes the filter easy to put on and take off with gloves on. Very nice threads, they lined up extremely well with my Nikon 16-35
    Ultra minimal color cast. Most 10 stop ND's I've tried impart some color cast to the image that has to be removed in post. This filter has so little color cast that I have not had to do any color control other than standard toning during editing."
  • LUŽID 77mm ND1000

    “Just wanted to say that your 77mm ND1000 is a fantastic filter. Extremely Sharp and very good color reproduction, very similar to my Breakthrough Photography 6 Stop ND filter. I have started to recommend your product to fellow landscape photographers..”

  • LUŽID 77mm ND1000 & CPL

    Looking at the filters they’re very impressive. The packaging is much nicer than a typical Marumi, and the feel and finish of the filters is just top notch. Much nicer than my B+W and Exus. It’s really nice having a proper storage box as well, something that’s always bugged me with regular Marumi filters. I’m quite anxious to try out the polarizer and see how it compares to my Exus. 

    I think the typical user is really going to like the brass traction frame feel compared to the Marumi alloy or smooth B+W. I certainly like having the heft, especially on a filter that tends to go on and off as opposed to living on a lens.

    Tony Meador
  • LUŽID 95mm ND1000

    Received just in time for vacation at the shore. I take a lot of sunrise photos and this year I was able to take a lot more. Protected my gear and eyes. I highly recommend this item.

    Jim H 
  • LUŽID 77mm ND1000

    I was in the market for a circular ND for my long exposures, and I wanted something that I could set-up quicker than my 100mm filter system. I also was looking for a quality filter that was thin and the Luzid 77mm ND1000 is all of those things at a great price!

    I purchased the Luzid 77mm CPL and was extremely happy with it, so I went ahead and purchased the ND filter shortly after. I love taking long exposures so this was a must for me. The quality is great - Schott B270, Brass construction, 16 layer nano coated, and very thin! I stated in my other review (on Amazon as well), that these filters feel very dense, but are extremely thin. They have deep grooves on the ring which make it easy to grip. Also, this is glass, not plastic or composite, so if feels great in the hands.

    The Luzid filters screw into each other and I have provided 2 photos where I used just the ND1000, and another where I used the ND1000 and the CPL. The combination is killer! The CPL adds a lot more drama to the photo. I will definitely be using these two filters together a lot.

    I couldn't be happier with the quality and I know that this filter will last me a long time. Now, I am thinking about purchasing the Luzid ND16 with CPL- filter- stay tuned!

    Amazon customer
  • LUŽID 77mm CPL

    I stumbled upon Luzid while shopping for an ND filter. After reading their specs, I decided to add a CPOL to my shopping cart, as I did not own one at the time.
    They are made from aluminum with Schott Glass, and are multi coated – great specs!
    I have been very pleased with the results thus far, and have compared shots with and without a filter attached to my lens. There is no discernible loss of sharpness or color cast.
    I would highly recommend Luzid to anyone in the market for a CPOL or ND filter.
    In addition to the products, customer service has been a treat.
    Amazon customer
  • LUŽID 77mm CPL

    It has better light transmission that several other brands that I've tried

    Works as expected in regards to it's CPL qualities. It has better light transmission that several other brands that I've tried, which makes it more likely for me to keep it on and use it.

    One thing I really appreciate about this filter is the deep grooved edges and ease of spinning the front element. Works well with gloved hands and is quick to adjust to find the sweet spot.

    William Woodward
  • LUŽID 58mm ND1000

    I was in the market to purchase my first ND filter. I had done quite a bit of research prior to making my purchase, and thought I had made up my mind.
    I was about to place my order when I stumbled across Luzid filters. I went to their website and discovered that they were crafted from aluminum, used Schott Glass and also had a multi coating. Needless to say, another attraction was their price point.
    On paper, they sounded great and had all of the pro specs. I decided to give them a try.
    I am extremely pleased with my purchase! Three things concerned me regarding the performance of an ND filter; sharpness, color cast and vignetting. I have taken several shots since receiving my filter and I can vouch that there is absolutely no distinguishable vignette, color cast or loss of sharpness.
    I even took some shots with the filter screwed on to my UV filter, shot at 24mm (on an APS-C) and not a hint of vignetting or color cast was visible.
    I would highly recommend the Luzid ND filter!
    Amazon Customer
  • LUŽID Brass 67mm to 77mm Step Up Filter Ring 

    Nice quality item

  • LUŽID Brass 52mm to 58mm Step Up Filter Ring 


  • LUŽID Brass 58mm to 77mm Step Up Filter Ring

    Fantastic! Thanks

  • LUŽID Brass 72mm to 77mm Step Up Filter Ring 

    excellent item Thank You!

  • LUŽID Brass 49mm to 77mm Step Up Filter

    RingSolid sturdy well constructed ring. Way better than I expected.


  • 46mm to 52mm Step Up Ring

    Excellent quality, I would like to buy some more of different sizes!
  • LUŽID 82mm CPL

    Excellent filter. I was eager to have this filter. my new photos have this differential


    Custódio Azevedo Filho

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